It started with a wallet. One I had purchased that ripped at the seams after not even a year of use. In searching for a new wallet and being dissatisfied with the options I could get my hands on, I decided I would acquire some basic tools and materials and make my own. It only took about five renditions and several more tool purchases before I started to warm up to the results, but still wasn't completely satisfied. The wallets along with many other explorations kept coming and soon I had outfitted many friends and family members with my makings. It quickly grew into a passion as well as a creative outlet, and shortly thereafter, Forward Supply Co. was conceived.

Between my seven years in working for various garment factories around Los Angeles, and my father being notoriously scrutinous with every product he owns, I tend to look at things with a critical eye. Seeking quality, function and form in a tasteful package. Products that lend a touch of class while remaining like a blank canvas for you to meld your own character into. Something trustworthy; to uphold its end of the bargain and hang in there with you. Something you can carry forward. 

I take pride in using some of the highest quality materials I can get my hands on, to bring durability and aesthetic together. Sourcing from U.S.A. based tanneries that have been delivering some of the finest leathers in the world for more than a hundred years. Sturdy polyester waxed thread that's made to last. Hand making each item allows for working with such materials, and of course, pay close attention to every last detail in its making.

I hope I can pass on the same sense of satisfaction in using these things that I get from making them.

-Colby Cochran